Lead creative 3D artist focused on the architectural vertical. Specializing in design, modeling, visualization, animation, and virtual reality. 
Creating immersive environments in both the real and virtual world.

Alternating between Architecture Studios, Construction firms and Visual Studios is equipping me with a unique set of tools while mastering both virtual and dimensional environments, 
I am constantly challenged by the commons and differences of telling the virtual narrative in a physical space and virtually expressing the yet to be built. 
Always reassured that an emotional impact is the best path to maximizing audience immersion.

As a creative lead, I see myself as a natural mediator between classical beauty and emerging technologies. With my love and passion to implement the later in visualizations, film, and animation, virtual reality,

Having an excellent ability to communicate with clients and fellow artist as well as stakeholders and decision makers. Conceptual and technical problem-solving and project management skills, I am a multi-dimensional and layered professional developing as a leader and manager while constantly creating.



Please reach out with any questions, thoughts, ideas, requests, and random kind words!



Email: shay.begleiter@gmail.com





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